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Words from Jerry Govan

First, let me thank my God and the ability to serve his people through out my life. Losing is new to me, but it is so important that a victory is not always about winning and losing but also about how you handle victory and defeat. It has to be in your character to get back up from a defeat.

We got in this race and ran it to the best of our ability. The main thing is that we made the effort. My mother said to me four years ago, "Son, nothing beats failure but a good try."

When we embarked on the journey, of "1 Vision 1 Carolina" we were talking about the future of South Carolina and a new vision that highlighted our similarities and not or differences.

"1 Vision 1 Carolina" is the battle cry for where we as a state need to go and grow and provide for our children. This is not an end but a beginning.

Our story has just begun.

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